What is brand work?

Elesewhere in this site you have learned that brand is encounters and you have also studied what a brand means. 

What is then brand work? 

How is it different from communication or advertising? Are events and online content part of the brand? Is logo The Brand? When labeling company cars, is it a matter of brand, or when installing a neon sign on a wall? How about sales, is it brand work? And company premises? Customer service, what does it have to do with brand? Or products and service pricing? Not to mention the distribution channels, partners and subcontracting, how about those?

Associations, perceptions and integration of values

When, of a wide range of people, individual perceptions and experiences are sufficiently similar, a brand has potential to be experienced as a combination of certain qualities and values ​​associated with them. Influencing these associations and perceptions and the integration of values ​​- is brand work.

When we encounter a brand; and when we are enable to make our choices based on how we perceive the value of a brand to ourselves; and when a brand has a place in our minds and in our hearts – and in our wallets; then someone has succeeded in brand work.

Brand is these encounters. And brand work is getting prepared for these encounters.  

Business is not only brand work

Business is of course much more than just brand work. There is a lot in business which is not necessary to be in a constant brand alert state. And there are businesses for which brand work is of little importance.

But it would also be very strange to think that business could be conducted completely without brand work. If a company – or other such player – has customers, partners, owners, network or any connections in general at all to the world around it; and thus the need for interaction with these; then brand work is needed. 

The scope of brand work and its role in the company’s strategy and operations is always the company’s, or another brand owner’s, own choice and not a compulsion or condition imposed by any authority. Nor can the brand be changed or enforced, or removed, by an administrative decision. In turn a company or a business can end for many reasons, and the existence of a brand can then legally end.

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