Service design

It is quite common that awareness of the procedure described as service design is not yet widely known – nor is its meaning self-evident in general.

The most common way to describe service design is to describe it as a method aimed at some definite outcome of development. The goal, for example, would be an improved customer encounter, better user experience; or some enhanced process; or more satisfied customers.

There are approximately the same number of definitions of service design as there are tellers of those definitions. The truth lies somewhere in the middle ground of all truths. And the ulitmate truth is propably that there is no exactly correct and all inclusive explanation for this broad set of methods.

In these pages, my goal is to present one more perspective on how service design can be understood being a concept and a phenomenon – so that in default it does not relate within any particular field of planning. Read about it and decide if you would agree with me.

What is service design ?

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