About me

This is me, in short.

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Mail to me, private: timoke( @ )me.com
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Explorer / concept designer / art director & designer / developer / strategist / writer

You want things to get done? I’ll do it right away! I take over the projects and make things happen. I’m good, fast, reliable and I get the job done.

I love practical design work – wouldn’t give up on it. In design, concepting, strategies, brand creation and such there is not right or wrong in every matter. So you need your own vision; you need to be independent in thinking; and also must have an innate appreciation for the work of others. Be humble and courage. And be good.

My current assignment:
Creative lead. Alma Media Brand Studio, Finland. Since January 2021.

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”I belive that you should be yourself, as all other roles are already taken. If you have the opportunity to express an opinion, express your own.”

Thoughts, posts and opinions represent myself only.