Brands as interfaces for value

Brands are not anymore the center pieces of their own reality. The customers are. Brands have the absolute value of nothing – if not serving the customers’ or end users’ needs at that very moment when required. 

We already live an era of customers’ dictation. Brands are being consumed. When did that happen and how did you miss it?

Brands can have a role in peoples’ lifes and be interfaces for value; but only if being able to commit. Strategy thinking and service design – for example – are keys for that.

Strategy is a key. But it does not happen by itself

Often used approach to describe a company operation is from the bottom up, building on the foundations of vision, mission and strategy etc. Just like to build a house from the bottom up.

Nothing wrong with that. Thus established and built, houses are then usually meant to remain unshakable in place for decades. This may not be the most adaptable way of thinking business strategy and operations. The need for modification and adaptation will most likely come up within the current year rather than decades from now.

I offer an altenate and practical and more self explaining approach to review your strategy. You won’t endanger anything existing or up coming in the future. However, you will get an alternative to your thinking and possibly also to actions in the future. This model has no radicalizing effect on strategy thinking itself .. except that your strategy may suddenly start to seem interesting and competent, and that it is possible to become true.

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Timo Keinänen Explorer, service designer, concept designer, art director, writer and designer.
”You should be yourself, as all other roles are already taken. If you have the opportunity to express an opinion, tell your own.”

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