Approaches to encounters

Brand is in encounters.

When we are enable to make our choices based on our encounters with a brand, and based on how we perceive the value of that brand to ourselves; and when that brand has a place in our minds and in our hearts – and in our wallets; then someone has succeeded in brand work.

Someone has also succeeded in service design when structuring and organising information, and setting it available in such way, that it has enabled our interaction and cognition in those encounters.

The “legitimacy” and value of a brand’s existence is based on the state of mind and the circumstances in which each encounters the brand and experiences what it means to self or to a wider group.

Brand is these encounters. And brand work and service design enable these encounters.

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Timo Keinänen Explorer, service designer, concept designer, art director, strategist, writer and designer.
”I belive that you should be yourself, as all other roles are already taken. If you have the opportunity to express an opinion, express your own.”

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