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National companies and brands are part of our common consciousness; and Finavia is one of our national key brands. I have had the good fortune and honor to work for the success of many major Finnish brands.

Finavia is a Finnish national airport operator enabling international flight connections through its national airport network in Finland. You may have visited for example in Helsinki Airport which is awarded for many times over of the best worldwide customer experience. Helsinki Airport is Finavia’s home base airport.

This is a venture I really loved <3
In the mid-2000s the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority was divided by a political decision into two separate parts: the Aviation Regulatory Authority and a state-owned company operating airports commercially. The new company was named Finavia.

In forming this new company, it was my honor to be responsible of:
– concept design
– service design
– planning
– project management
– design work
– design work guidance and supervision
– customer relations
– project-related productions
– coordination of sub-contracting

Special thanks to the whole team: Irmeli Paavola and Leena Luhtanen as the main customers and our team Timo Kivi, Sari Hermiö and Suvi Rusi.

Enclosed here is the article about the brand sign I wrote to Finavia’s “Runway” -magazine in time of the brand work.

What kind of challenge was the Finavia brand work, and especially the new brand sign, for its designer?

In Finland, a brand like Finavia is not what you may expect to see on your brand design point of view it is a national institution. It is also one of the most visible window in to the country internationally. Thus, a company image that met international criteria had to be sought.

From the brand design point of view, Finavia is a national institution.

When I got the opportunity for this work, I set myself the goal of an end result that will remain in the history of Finnish brand design. And if it didn’t sound so harsh on my own, I would argue that it worked out. But instead, I say that the client knew how to make good choices.

I wanted to “hide” references to the shapes of the brand sign from things that can be clearly linked to Finavia’s various functions. Of course, many of these things are not seen in the sign from one stand, but they open up to the viewer, perhaps as aha experiences or told by someone else. But once they are seen, they can not be “un-seen”. In fact, hidden messages, unconscious references, are all over on the reality around us. Think of fine art or paid communication for example.

The new logo incorporates the shape of the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport terminal in a stylized form of the letter f, which, viewed from above, is just such a bent “boomerang”. Stretch out to see from the window on your next flight so you can see what I mean.

Hidden messages and unconscious references, are all over around us.

And the light blue piece in the “armpit” of the terminal reflects the airlines, or the plane at its gate, the passenger, the cargo, or parts of the airport campus. All of these are the things that make up the whole that Finavia’s various operations serve. I placed these different parts of the sign to grow into the bigger part with light blue. It shows that many different functions within Finavia’s sphere of influence will merge into one.

The air traffic controller at his desk is another thing I wanted to portray on the sign. That’s it. You just have to find it. And the radar design familiar to many can also be found there. And an airplane. Now that I tell you that there is a side view of the rudder of the plane and under it, next to the field operations maintenance unit, ready for action, then you probably can’t argue against it.

And there are a few more things in it, but I don’t think many would believe how many things can be included in one icon – with or without explanations.

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