Works. A few highlights.

All businesses are unique and special in their own ways. This section contains a few highlights of those special encounters.

Examples in this collection are not in any order of precedence or value. It is a pity that a large number of client projects are of such a nature that it is not allowed to share their output in public.

I constantly feel blessed with happiness and privileged to get to work with so many different companies and brands – and people who make these companies and brands.

It is very instructive to see that truly it is the people who make these companies and brands. Even in the midst of all the technological hype that prevails in this time, human is the component that makes these things and why these things are done – and why they are worth doing.

People create things. And humanity makes things challenging.

Having said that, it must be said that any thing, technology, or problem in itself does not make things challenging. We humans do. When we add to any issue the most demanding factor, that is, the component of humanity, then it is challenging.

Taking over customers and projects is challenging; nurturing enthusiasm; keeping motivation alive; raising the bar to height and bringing projects to the finish; and yet produce services and products that are as self-evident and essential as oxygen. That is challenging. And so is keeping yourself and the team alive, healthy, and yet in conversation to each other in the process.

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