Be different or be invisible.

Survive in the era of killer competition.

Standing out from the crowd is a challenge in brand work .. or not the distinction itself, that can be done. But to understand and accept the fact that unique brand is a competitive advantage and a business benefit – is a challenge. And why is it a challenge? Because it’s scary where the lack of this understanding leads to.

Ending up to similarity and resembling brand solutions can be based on conscious choices. It is an easy and quick way; and it feels safe.

One of the fundamental features of market economy is the diversity of companies, products and services and the abundance of options. Similarity and lack of alternatives are phenomena of the pre-planned economy. And we all know how that went.

It is not always a question of deliberate imitation or the unwillingness of the designer, or especially the client, to do anything other than go with the mainstream.

For compelling similarity there is a biological explanation.

For compelling similarity there is a biological explanation: an unconscious pattern of behavior, inherited from the history of human brain development. It steers us to adapt to our peer’s behaviour.

That’s one reason – for example – why we tend to dress very much the same way as others do. And a reason for why you will propably yawn when someone else in the room does so first. And why the media is filled with so similar content! Marketeers and trend setters have learned to take advantage of this built-in feature in us all.

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