About everything

What is brand work? How is it different from communication or advertising? Are events and online content part of the brand? Is logo The Brand? When labeling company cars, is it a matter of brand, or when installing a neon sign on a wall? How about sales, is it brand work? And company premises? Customer service, what does it have to do with brand? Or products and service pricing? Not to mention the distribution channels, partners and subcontracting, how about those?

The answer is simple: all doings and undoings, are brand components. In business there is nothing that is not related to brand. The brand cannot be enforced. It lives and dies in encounters.

. . . . . .

Timo Keinänen, Explorer, concept designer, art director and graphic designer.
”I belive that you should be yourself, as all other roles are already taken. If you have the opportunity to express an opinion, express your own.”

Thoughts, posts and opinions represent myself only.

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