What makes digitalization challenging?

Life today is in many ways smoother than before.

Large-scale digitalisation of society has brought with it many life-changing phenomena. Life today is in many ways different, and for the most of us smoother and more diverse than before, before the era of digitalisation.

On the other hand, it is not very wrong to say that the downside of digitalization is the increase in inequality in society and in economy. From the citizens’ point of view, there is a danger of being excluded from the development of information society. In business life, the preconditions for completely new competencies unequal opportunities for companies’ success. Not everyone stays and does not want to keep up with the digitalization of everything.

That is why it is said that digitalization is challenging. That is wrong! When we take from digital what is superior in it: speed; and we add the most troublesome factor: ourselves – that is challenging.

In the passion of technology, taking care of cognition easily falls into a side role.

Technology and data do not make digitalization understandable, clear or easy. Nor challenging, confusing or difficult. We people do. Human makes digitalization understandable or challenging; clear or confusing; easy or difficult.

Aggregation and structuring of information; and understanding the interactions between data sets and the exchange between them enables us humans to interpret other people and societal phenomena.

In the heat of digitalization and technology, our constraints on receiving information are forgotten, and caring for cognition plays a side role. Our ability to organize and utilize information, generate new information; and our capacity to operate in an increasingly complex information society is limited. And that is challenging.

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