Everything about me

Timo Keinänen

Talk to me: +358 40 708 6179
Mail to me, work: timo.keinanen@valve.fi
Mail to me, private: timoke@me.com
Link with me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/timo-keinänen-7647a73/

My expertise: Planning, develop, direction, design and deploy in branding, strategies, concept design, service design, marketing & strategies and writing.

My background:
I’m seasoned in design, planning and writing for channels, branding, strategies and marketing – for all channels and mediums; and independently of any media or channel. 

I have a diverse history in design work itself, and in managing, guidance and supervision of design work and production. Especially I like presentations and performing comes easy to me. I also have strong experience in working closely with clients; and I’ve been working in the “customer’s side of the table” for a few years.

My experience:
15+ years in service providing and client organizations of marketing in  planning, strategy, advertising, design, service design and consultation.

My secret vice ?  
Strangely keen on business strategy ventures and processes.

Graphic designer, art director, concept designer, service designer, planner, creative director, writer, strategist and consultant.

Current assignment:
Since 2014, is as a concept desiner and senior art director at Valve Branding Oy. I also write a lot; and often I’m involved in various clients strategy ventures. My role is customer-responsible planning and design work, supervision and guidance of team design work and contractor production. 

Prior assignments:
– DesignConcept/Faster Horse Oy
– Reeperbahn Consulting Oy
– SOK Media, cooperative
– TBWA/Helsinki Oy ( TEQUILA, PHS )
– Konsepti Advertising Oy
– Varis&Ojala Oy
– DesignER Oy

My skills:
Planning / strategy thinking / marketing / service design / branding / digital marketing / milieu design. Plan and deploy, marketing communication, product and service generation, service design, conceptuals, multichannel communication, visual consultation, design strategy, marketing strategy, corporate identity, sales tools, marketing, advertising, graphic design, digital design, data visualiztion, imagery, publishing, package design, space and milieu design, productization and commercialization.

My clientele:  
Consumer marketing ( b2c ), business marketing ( b2b ), public services/regime, wholesale and retail, forest and paper industry, packaging and packaging material industry, machinery, building and building materials, ICT and ict technology, funding and finance, equity investors, insurance and pensions, energy production and distribution, power and electronics manufacturing, ship building industry, living and brokerage, car manufactuing and wholesale/retail, transportation, business consultation, law services, risk management, airport operative, fashion retail, communication services, publishing, printing services, real estate development, housing services, postal services, mining and metal industry, excavation, environmental services, account auditing, stock brokerage.

My client examples:  
VTT, Senaatti, Point Group, ABB Technologies, Finavia National Airports, Helsinki University, Comptel Telecom, F-Secure Corporation, Vattenfall Energy, StoraEnso, Itella National Postal Service, Alko National beverages, Outokumpu Steels, Ensto Cleantech, Avara Housing and hosting, S-Group Wholesales, Helsinki Airport, Automaa Car retail chain, Vantaa Energy, Finnforest forestry group, AD Automotive Finland, Suomen Posti Finnish National postal service, Marimekko Fashion Group, Intera Partners Equities, Accenture, Mandatum Finance, OP-Group Finance Services, Prisma Consumer goods and grocery retail chain, Association of Finnish Regional Authorities, CM-Construction Management, Koskisen Forestry Group, Renault Motors Finland, KodinTerra home depot retail chain, Junttan Machinery and Engineering, Uponor, Sonera teleoperator, Autoasi Automotive Services, Novo, Walki Group Technical materials, Paroc Insulations, Kesko Corporation, Kesko K-retail chains, Samlink itc services, Delete Environment services, Fujitsu itc services, Suomen Asiakastieto risk management, Palta Employers’ Association, Sokeva, UPM Biofore Company, Vacon, WSOY, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finnish National Consumer Ombudsman, Helsinki Stock Exchange, Isover Construction Insulation, S-Market grocery retail chain, IBM Finland, Kansallis-Osake-Pankki commercial banking, Vahanen Construction Engineering International, Finnish National Communication Regulatory Authority, FinPro, Orion Diagnostica, Trainers’ House business cosulting, Värisilmä Home depot retail chain, Valtra Machinery, Wärtsilä Marine Powering, SRV Constructors, Etera Pension Insurance, Finnish National Population Register Centre, Helsinki City Communications, Ilmarinen Pension Insurances, The Centre Party of Finland, Savcor, EQ-Banking, Finnish Prime Minister’s Office, Raisio Benecol, Plussacom Customer information, Customer EKE Constructors, Antilooppi Real Estates, Staffpoint recruitments, Kanava Real estate hosting, Helsinki City Mayors Office, Animagi Veterinarians, Messukeskus Events, Valio, The Government of Finland, Turva Insurance, Wano Nuclear Operators, Menetori Business Consulting, Lindström Group, Sale Grocery retail chain, Talentum publishers, AON Risk management.

My education:
Graphic design, marketing communication, advertising.

My age?
It is said that age is just a number .. but that’s a word !

. . . . . .

Briefly me: Explorer, concept designer, art director, writer and graphic designer.
”I belive that you should be yourself, as all other roles are already taken. If you have the opportunity to express an opinion, express your own.”

Thoughts, posts and opinions represent myself only.